Think Before You Buy a Puppy This Christmas

Before you think of giving a present of a puppy to a friend or loved one this Christmas the following are some points that should be considered:-

  • Puppies grow up to be mature dogs often very different in appearance and temperament than that of the puppy.
  • Ownership of a dog brings with it many responsibilities such as:-
    • It will cost in the region of €1,500 per annum to care properly for a normal pet dog.
    • The dog has to be fed and housed.
    • The health of a dog is a major consideration of the dog owner as dogs can be carriers of diseases which may be potentially harmful to humans particularly children.
    • The care of the dog while on Holidays.
  • Selecting an appropriate breed of puppy which suits the family lifestyle or circumstances and whether a pure breed or a cross breed would be most appropriate.  If you are going to buy a pure breed dog ensure that you buy from a reputable breeder.  A young puppy is  more adaptable than a fully grown dog but should be at least 10-12 weeks old.  Check that the puppy is fully weaned by watching it eat prior to purchasing.  Crossbreeds can be re-homed from the Dog Shelter, Garryduff, Paulstown, Kilkenny 059/9726785.
  • Restricted Breeds: if you are the owner or potential owner of such a dog, always remember that you are legally obliged to  have it securely muzzled and led on a strong leash/chain by a person >16yrs old when it is in a public place. Under no circumstances should such a dog be running loose in a public place.  

Seek advise from an expert such as your local Veterinary Surgeon.  Normally, it is advised that all dogs be neutered and microchipped.